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“Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world”.

– Nelson Mandela

Every child is unique and special. At L’île des Pingouins we strive to bring out the best in every child by nourishing their creativity and sense of discovery, and providing them with the opportunity to play, interact freely and experiment within a safe and healthy environment customized to their needs no matter their learning pace. Every child is a respected individual who will enrich his or her own learning experience and that of others around them. Our programs are designed with every age in mind. They are delivered through a blend of learning techniques in holistic, integrated, joyful, playful, and open-ended ways given with personalized attention. The children’s day is rich with diverse materials, and a wide variety of experiences that help each child make connections, find meanings, and make sense of the world. Children will discover, explore, share, create, learn, and grow while engaging their mind and body.

Nursery:  0 to 18 months
Intermediate Class:  18 months to 2 years
Little Penguins Section: 2 years to 3 years
Penguins Section : 3 years to 4 years
Prekindergarten:  4 to 5 years

Our Mission

L’île des Pingouins aims to nurture every child’s sense of discovery, curiosity, and creativity through engaging their five senses in a safe, healthy, and fun environment.

Safety & Security

Your kids are our kids! And so when it comes to our children, their safety and security are crucial. At L’île des Pingouins, we have installed security cameras and locks all throughout the daycare. The furniture, washrooms and all elements, that our kids interact with, are customized to the child’s height and needs. We take care of every child with so much love. So rest assured that your child is in good hands!


A Real-Life Penguins Island Experience

From the moment you step onto our doorstep, your child is transported into another world…literally! We have recreated a whole Penguins Island from the moment your child enters our daycare until they exit into their playground. Every day becomes a new and exciting learning journey. Every nook and corner is made with the intention and attention to allow the child to interact with the theme of the Penguins Island. This way, our little penguins experience and interact with elements that range from different seasons, to different animals, colors, textures, words, numbers and more.

My Penguin Journal

To stay posted on your child’s progress throughout the day, we have created an online journal specifically for your child. You are able to know what your child is doing at the present moment, what their schedule is for the day, what they ate, what activities they participated in, and what they learned, including any small or big milestones. You will also get to keep the pictures posted and put them in an album for memory for first-time experiences like her or his first pizza-baking experience! You will always remain to be the first and most important teacher in your child’s life which makes your role as a parent a monumental one for us too. Therefore, keeping those lines of communication open with you helps us learn more about your child. Please feel free to post your comments on your child’s live online journal.

Fresh & Healthy Food

Every day our in-house chef brings together a blend of healthy foods and snacks for our little penguins.  Parents will be asked to list if their child has any allergies when they register.

Your Convenience

We’ve also thought of your convenience! At the end of the day, parents are invited to drive around the back of the daycare to pick up their child/ren. You will not have to walk through the daycare to the end. There is plenty of parking at the rear.

liledespingouins Brossard quebec